The G 3 system is a Curved Cylindrical Wave Radiator featuring the same technology as the GALEO Line Array. A single G 3 element is fitted with six 8” low-mid drivers and three 1.4” HF drivers in a 2-way active configuration, and has a fixed vertical dispersion of 20°.

By simply interchanging the horn located on the front of the cabinet, horizontal dispersion can be increased from 80° to 120°. The G 3 provides a longer throw, a higher sound level before distortion and a more precise directivity than a comparable conventional horn loaded system. The low end cut off at 80 Hz allows the G3 to harmonise very well with high power 18" or 21" sub woofers.

The tilt and pivot bracket included as standard allows simple set up and alignment of the system. Separately available screw on flying hardware allows multiple G 3 units to be combined to form a larger system. Both ground stacked and flown applications are possible.

The G 3 is also available in the self powered dp version.

  • 80 Hz - 18 kHz ( - 6 dB )
  • G 3 dp: Amp Power LF: 2400 W AES / 110-230 V HF: 700 W AES / 110-230 V
  • G 3: Power AES/Peak LF: 1500 W / 4500 W HF: 225 W / 675 W

G 3
Profunditat 482,0 cm
Pes 415,0 Kg
G 3 dp
Profunditat 482,0 cm
Pes 43,0 Kg