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Like the SLIMBASS®ANGLE, the SLIMBASS®WALL is an absorbentpanel of low-frequencies to be used on walls or ceilings.Music rooms, studios, rehearsal rooms, etc., require this type ofmaterials which are efficient at absorbing low-frequency sound.This model is made of self-extinguishable M1 fire retardantacoustic foam, with a wooden-like syntetic PVC finish membrane.The resonance box that was created inside theSLIMBASS®WALL optimises the range of sound absorption at125 Hz. This model has an elegant and attractive design with thecomfort that wood provides. It can be aesthetically combinedwith its counterpart, th SLIMBASS®ANGLE, which is meant to bemounted on 90º corners.This product aims to reduce the acoustic anomalies caused bythe excess of low and medium-low frequencies.It is directly glued to the existing surfaces.

Coeficients del material
Coeficients del material

Melamine Wood

Beech Cherry Grey Oak Sucupira White

Melamine Foam

White Light Grey


  • Very easy to install.
  • Contact us for information on applications.
  • Simulate your room here.
  • Look for your local ATP dealer.
  • Average absorption: 0,60 / m2 [>100Hz;<250Hz].
  • Self-extinguishable M1 fire-retardant acoustic foam.

Amplada 60 cm
Alçada 120 cm
Profunditat 12 cm
Pes 2.6 Kg

(*) Els colors representats en aquesta pàgina son orientatius i poden variar en funció de la lluminositat de l'ambient

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