The MELLOWCLOUD® ABS is a One-Dimensional Curved-Shaped Absorbent Acoustic panel for the acoustic construction industry.

This model has been designed to provide almost infinite possibilities of free combinations for ceiling applications. The MELLOWCLOUD® ABS is a mid-range frequency acoustic absorption panel, consisting of a rigid EPS body with a porous absorbent acoustic foam coated with fabric, which evolves and meets the aesthetic challenge while also offering an optimal One-Dimensional Sound Diffusion. Shaping and curving the surfaces can improve the coverage and the scattering of sound energy throughout the room. These concepts were well assimilated into modern architectural acoustic designs, offering more generic shapes than architects could integrate into their designs.This model can be compared and combined with the MELLOWCLOUD® DIF, which is an Diffuser, and has the same ideology of applications.

Coeficients del material
Colors disponibles
  • Applications: Medium and Large Halls.
  • Finish: M1 JOCAVI fabric finish.
  • Max. Size: 2,00m x 1,20m (several modules can be interconnected).
  • NRC : 0,89.
  • Optimised shape, array and positioning that ensure uniform coverage.
  • Other sizes and shapes are available on demand
  • Panels can be used independently or tilted side to side and front to back.
  • Pre-curved to provide an artistic free form style of design.
  • Standard and customised shapes.
  • Very lightweight (5 Kg/m2 - 80 mm thick panel).
  • When suspended, integrated mounting hardware and cable system (only four supports/hangers by each panel) are used.

Amplada 120 cm
Alçada 200 cm
Profunditat 8,0 cm
Pes 14,0 Kg
Amplada 100 cm
Alçada 180 cm
Profunditat 8,0 cm
Pes 9,0 Kg