Beam steering line source loudspeaker with up to 24 DSP and amplifier channels. The modular system is based on the i Beam Master, containing eight 3“ broadband speakers, the DSP amplifier unit and a high-performance power supply.

The system is expanded with up to two i Beam Slaves, which only contain the drivers and amplifiers. The relatively large cabinet volume ensures good speech reproduction without an additional subwoofer.

Applications: Acoustically difficult rooms such as lecture halls, concert halls, churches, exhibition halls and foyers, in which a very even and low-feedback reproduction and at the same time an unobtrusive appearance are required.

  • Cabinet Aluminum extrusion profile
  • Max. Array Size 2 x Master + 4 x Slave
  • Max. Input Signal 28 dBu
  • Power Supply 90-240 VAC
  • 16 x 44 W RMS = 704 W > Master + Slave
  • 24 x 20 W RMS = 480 W > Master + 2 x Slave
  • 8 x 44 W RMS = 352 W > Master

iBeam Master
Profunditat 120,0 cm
Pes 118,0 Kg
24-way active beam steering DSP column system with FIR Array Beam Steering (FABS) and Mapping Optimiziation Mode (MOM)
iBeam Slave
Profunditat 120,0 cm
Pes 66,0 Kg