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The GL 16 is a high-performance line array system for high definition voice and music transmission in acoustically challenging venues, particularly in long throw situations.
Acoustic coupling between two line arrays arranged one behind the other within the cabinet is exploited in the innovative design of the GL series to provide vertical directivity up to 15 kHz without any loss of power in the lower frequencies, and exceptionally homogenous and symmetrical horizontal dispersion. The design principle also allows the cabinet width to be kept down to a slim 19 cm.

The acoustic and mechanical properties of the GL 16 system make it particularly suitable as an alternative to conventional column speakers and compact line arrays. From single element installations in churches, auditoriums and conference facilities to multiple element applications in array configurations in theatres and concert halls, the GL 16 is suitable for a multitude of applications.

For operation without separate amplifiers and controllers, active dp (digitally powered) versions of the GL 16 are available.

Imatge del producte
Imatge del producte
  • Amp Power: 2 x 500 W AES / 110-230 V biamped
  • Rated Current: 0,85 A @ 230 V
  • 80 - 20 kHz (- 6 dB)
  • Neutrik XLR in/out; Neutrik PowerCon in/out

GL 16 dp 1000
Amplada 18,9 cm
Alçada 70,8 cm
Profunditat 24,5 cm
Pes 17 Kg
GL 16 DP 1000 C
Amplada 18,9 cm
Alçada 72,0 cm
Profunditat 26,5 cm
Pes 17 Kg

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