Galeo XT - SeeBurg

A large fullrange line array system designed to satisfy the highest sound quality demands, the Galeo XT also boasts many innovative detail solutions to make the system easy to handle. The Galeo XT is fitted with 2 x 15” Nd woofers with bass reflex ports at the sides of the cabinet, 4 x 8” Nd mid-range drivers, and 2 x 1.4” Nd HF-drivers (3” diaphragm) behind the central waveguides.

The 80° horizontal coverage is obtained by implementation of the patented “Air Mass Reflection” principle to ideally combine the midrange and high frequency sound waves. With the appropriate controller setting, this provides absolutely smooth and consistent horizontal coverage. from 200 Hz upwards.

Imatge del producte
Imatge del producte
  • 2x8-pin Neutrik NL8M
  • 45 Hz - 18 kHz
  • Impedance nominal LF: 8 Ω / MF: 8 Ω / HF: 8 Ω
  • Power AES/Peak LF: 1000W/3000W - MF: 1000W/3000W - HF: 150W/500W

Amplada 110,0 cm
Alçada 45,0 cm
Profunditat 59,5 cm
Pes 69 Kg

(*) Els colors representats en aquesta pàgina son orientatius i poden variar en funció de la lluminositat de l'ambient

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