Floatsheet - In

The Floatsheet® INSulation is made of polyurethane and it is a great material to be used as an insulation layer. The application of Floatsheet® INSulation meets the active sound insulation. It is suitable for use on the sound insulation composite constructions in studios, cabins,
residences, hotels, clubs, nightclubs, as well as for industrial and traffic equipment.
Floatsheet® INSulation can effectively absorb and obstruct the noise transmitted through the walls, ceilings and floor structures by utilizing the mass law and damping principle of the architectural acoustic materials.
This thin and high quality material can provide obvious noise control and vibration absorption resulting in a highest cost/performance. It has good fire resistance, heat resistance, elasticity, flexibility and tensile strength. It can be cut with the wallpaper cutter and be fixed with nails or adhesive. This material is supplied in two options: rolls or plates.

  • Noise and sound Insulation layer.
  • Good fire resistance, elasticity, flexibility and tensile strength.
  • Great performance/cost.
  • Installation: with nails or adhesive glue.
  • Supplied in rolls or plates, with or without adhesive.
  • Suitable for walls, ceilings and floors.

Amplada 150 cm
Alçada 1000 cm
Profunditat 1 cm
Pes 4.62 Kg
Amplada 120 cm
Alçada 200 cm
Profunditat 1 cm
Pes 1.3 Kg

(*) Els colors representats en aquesta pàgina son orientatius i poden variar en funció de la lluminositat de l'ambient

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