DSP 2.6 - SeeBurg

The DSP 2.6 combines a high quality 2-in / 6-out loudspeaker management system with a system connection panel including all necessary input and output connections in one device, thus making the configuration of a professional amp rack a very simple matter. The two low-noise analog inputs are actively balanced, with characteristics which closely simulate those of a balancing transformer.

Audio files for programming the DSP 2.6 can be generated on the Seeburg website with the program “LPI” (Loudspeaker Programming Interface).

Imatge del producte
Imatge del producte
  • Digital System Panel

DSP 2.6
Amplada 4,5 cm
Alçada 48,3 cm
Profunditat 14,7 cm
Pes 2,8 Kg

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