Basmel Acoustic Curtain - ATP

BASMEL® Acoustic curtain is a low-cost acoustic product to be applied as a curtain or a sound divider. It is made of flexible open-cell polyester Foam fabric coated on both sides by fire-resistant fabric-finishing, at each end of the roll has fastening points for simple application.This product can be applied as a window curtain or as a separator between different zones. The sound waves penetrate the open-cell structure, thus reducing the reflected energy and giving this product an excellent sound absorption capacity.This product can be customized according to the specifications of each project, various colors and sizes can be provided by prior consultation.

Coeficients del material
Coeficients del material



  • NRC: 0.34/m2
  • Flame resistance: Germany B1, France M1, GB class1, USA V0/HF1.
  • JOCAVI® BASMEL® curtains are provided in rolls to be suspended.
  • Mobile solution for events or to be permanently installed.
  • Improves sound's intelligibility and sound isolation between different adjacent performing spaces.
  • Easily assembled and adaptable to the audience capacity of each event
  • Can be used as a curtain or as a sound divider.
  • Raw material: Acoustic foam and fabric.

BAC200 (standard)
Amplada 150 cm
Alçada 200 cm
Profunditat 0.7 cm
Pes 7 Kg

(*) Els colors representats en aquesta pàgina son orientatius i poden variar en funció de la lluminositat de l'ambient

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