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The ABtwice® is an acoustic treatment absorbent made of self-extinguishing acoustic foam. Each model has an angular arc-shaped geometry describing five mountains within a concept of three-dimensional geometry.The finish of this model is of the utmost quality. Its soft finish layer improves its acoustic performance and provides a fine and "smooth like velvet" appearance. The velvety finishing gives this product a distinctive feeling of comfort.A combination of several modules makes this acoustic solution very attractive with a harmonised look.The creation of surfaces that are efficient at absorbing sound waves becomes imperative, and that is the main feature that makes this product so relevant. This panel is meant to absorb mid-low to high range frequencies.The ABtwice® is perfect to cover continuous areas of walls or ceilings as a coating material and can be used as a soundproofing reinforcement as well.It is ideal for commercial areas, television studios, pavilions, auditoriums, meeting rooms, public spaces, etc., that need specific care regarding airborne noise control. It can be easily cut with a knife to be adjusted to the dimensions of walls and ceilings.

Coeficients del material
Coeficients del material


Beige Blue Grey Red


  • Contact us for information on applications.
  • Simulate your room here.
  • Look for your local ATP dealer.
  • NRC: 0.87/m² [>250Hz; <10KHz].
  • ACOUSTIC FOAM - Self-extinguishable M1 fire-retardant foam.
  • Continuous surface treatment.
  • Package: 4 units (2 pairs) or 14 units (7 pairs).
  • Standard Dimensions: 120x60x11cm.
  • New shape and design recommended for continuous surface treatment.
  • AVAILABLE FINISHINGS: Regular Foam and the new Velvety Finishing.
  • Very easy to install

ABT 120
Amplada 60 cm
Alçada 120 cm
Profunditat 11 cm
Pes 0.8 Kg

(*) Els colors representats en aquesta pàgina son orientatius i poden variar en funció de la lluminositat de l'ambient

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